The COMMS4DOCS App provides you with a library of phrases to enhance your interactions with: patients; relatives; colleagues and teams.

It can:
Boost your exam performance;
Sharpen up your daily interactions;
Get you to the next step up.
Boost your exam performance: RCA; (CSA); OSCE; PACES; MRCP
Get you to the next step up: VIVAS; Interviews

Useful for:
PLAB & OET preparation

The categories include:

Structuring a consultation

Demonstrating empathy

Structuring a handover

Asking for help

Conveying urgency


Using cautious language

Breaking difficult news

Saying, ‘I don’t know’.

Signposting the end of a consultation

Checking the next steps

Formal presentations & questions

Asking about pain

Demonstrating active listening

Explaining next steps

Collaborative language


Outlining risks

Dealing with criticism & being assertive

Talking about Consent

Talking about Confidentiality

Presenting a case

Handling complaints

Establishing rapport

Acknowledging cues

Saying, ‘I’m not sure’.

Describing procedures/conditions


Outlining responsibilities

Breaking difficult news

Disagreeing & Agreeing

Data gathering

Exploring ideas, concerns & expectations

Prioritising information

Responding to anger

Supporting & empowering

Sharing management

Checking understanding

Describing discrimination

Demonstrating reassurance

Owning up to Mistakes

A dynamic/responsive app with direct access to support from the trainer